why im unapologetically a hijabi


my hijab was something i put on for myself. not because my parents or society asked me to. infact when i decided to put it on, my parents weren’t even aware. i simply just entered their room and said “mama, baba im going to start wearing a hijab” and that was that.

as i grew up, i found power in my hijab. i often resonated with it to be my identity. whenever id be writing a description about myself be it for a job or for my twitter, id always sneak in the word hijabi. it was an integral part of me that i loved to share.

id spend my days vigorously searching through ASOS for hijabi clothes to flaunt and watching youtube videos to learn new ways to wear my hijab (which, just for the record, never worked out) as i grew up, my hijab was something i…

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